Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stable Condition? Critical Condition?—Deep Condition!

What is the state of your hair? Is it suffering from trauma due to being over processed or heat fried? Is it dehydrated and feeling dry or brittle? Are you recovering from emergency surgery because of severe split ends? Well, don’t fear. Help is here!

With a mixture of water, humectants, oils, and maybe some protein extracts, you could be well on your way to injecting life back into your hair.

Why Condition and How

“Wash-n-Go” that’s one of the latest trends in hair styling. With less and less time in the day, many women are opting for styles that require less time in front of the mirror. But does that mean you should be spending less time caring for your hair? If anything, it’s the opposite. The time you save in styling your hair should be more time allotted to nurturing your tresses. It really only comes down to an hour a week. Can we take an hour out of our busy schedule to pamper our hair? That’s what deep conditioning involves.

It's a critical step in your healthy hair journey! And there are several benefits to conditioning your hair on a regular basis:
 ·         Maximize moisture intake
 ·         Repair cracks and holes in the hair strand
 ·         Increase strand luster or ability to reflect light
 ·         Make detangling less stressful on the hair by providing slip
 ·         Provide more hands-on time with your hair

So please, never just wash and go. Wash, deep condition, relax, relax, relax, and rinse. You won’t regret it!

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  1. so your sayin if your hairs been fried dried and lyed you need to dc to survive?