Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Master Key--MOISTURE! (Video)

To unlock the secret to long healthy hair, you must have MOISTURE! Moisture keeps the cortex (the tootsie roll center) of your hair strand pliable and less prone to breakage. The best and most readily available moisturizer is water. I KNOW! I KNOW! We’ve been taught all of our lives that water will “dry your hair out.” And most of us have lived this summertime scenario at some point in our lives:  
After swimming (or splashing with style!) in the coolness of the pool, you hear the dreaded whistle, “REST BREAK!” Everyone scurries out of the pool to dry off and make a dash for the nearest refreshments. In the rush of it all, you forget to pull your hair back into a ponytail. By the time you finish your Choco Taco and orange drink (in a plastic water barrel, of course), your hair is on its way to looking like you just stepped out of the pool--holding a light socket! You try desperately to ponytail it now. But it’s of no use. It’s as parched as a savanna during dry season. Not to mention your legs look like you’ve been kicking flour. What happened?!

Some might say it was the water. But was it truly? Can water—the quintessential thirst quencher and re-hydrator—make you dry? Plain and simple, NO. WATER DOES NOT DRY OUT YOUR HAIR! It’s been proven time and again that water is our hair’s master key to length.  Ask any SOLHSista with long healthy hair. They will tell you that it was impossible to get any kind of length without regular moisture. Does that mean all you need to do is throw some water on your hair and go? No, you’re not a houseplant. The best way to keep the water in your hair is to team it up with other substances that will hold the water in place. That is where your water-based moisturizers come in. Whether in a spray or cream these products help your hair stay moisturized longer. We discussed these at your consultation and all SOLH Hair Packages contain either one or both.

The other key to keeping your hair moisturized is sealing in the moisture with natural oils. These oils keep the air from “sucking” the moisture out of our hair. We discussed these as well and every SOLH Hair Package contains some natural oils for sealing the hair.

So what made us so dry after being out of the pool for only 20 minutes? The same chemical that kept you from catching “Snot-nosed” Sally’s summer cold—chlorine. Chlorine is one of the many chemicals that can come in contact with our hair and cause it to dry out. Some other culprits to dryness include hard water (too many minerals), heated hair stylers, wind, and high manipulation. We’ll discuss these at length on a later date. But in the meantime, we hope you start looking at water as it truly is—a gift from heaven, for our bodies and our hair!

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